Sweets and braces – is it really the worst combination?

Sweets and bracesEveryone likes sweets. It is common to eat sweets like cakes, chocolates, deserts etc. in different sorts of situations and celebrations. But apparently, candies are not beneficial, especially for those who wear braces (orthodontic braces). Orthodontic braces are devices which are used to resolve certain dental problems or irregularities. It can be used to straighten the irregular teeth and to make your smile more beautiful.

It has been said that candies and braces are like oil and vinegar; they can never get together and better to be kept away from each other. Dental braces were developed in the 17th century. Many dentists like Pierre Fauchard and Louis Bourdet, wrote books on the topic of orthodontic braces for the sake of common man, just to let them know the basic misconceptions and perceptions about braces.

Precautions to be Taken When Wearing Braces

Wearing braces, even when they are put in place by the best dentist in Dubai, is not an easy task as there are lots of problems that people who wear them face on a regular basis. This includes eating candies, sugar containing food, and brushing teeth. It is a common misconception regarding braces that one who wears braces is not supposed to eat candies and sweet things. If truth be told, candies which are sticky, hard, chewy and those that contain nuts are best avoided. Secondly, any kind of hard foods should not be taken which includes pop corns, bubble gum, chips, carrots and etc. because this kind of hard food can damage the braces and cause immense pain. If you want to eat candies while wearing braces, then be sure that these do not contain excessive amounts of starch and sugary substances, because they can cause bacteria in your teeth, which will only intensify your pain.


Everything needs cleanliness. Similarly, our mouth needs to be clean, brushed and fresh. This particularly holds true during the time that you are wearing braces. There is always the possibility that small food particles would get stuck between the gaps in braces which can cause tooth decay. So, after having a meal, make sure that you brush your teeth. On the whole, you should brush your teeth at least twice. People who wear braces should also consider placing their braces in a denture cleaner at least once or twice a week. Apart from that, once your braces are off, make sure that you consider opting for teeth whitening in Dubai.