What’s a PBX System and How Can It Help Your Business?

pbx_phone_systemPrivate Branch Exchange is a private telecommunications network employed by companies and organisations for internal and external communications. Commonly abbreviated as PBX, the system is actually simple, though its name sounds complicated. It is a means of centralizing all the communication channels of a company – all telephones, fax machines, and computers are connected to a single platform. This ensures that all communication channels are simplified, organised, secured, and uniform.


So you may ask, why is it important to have a PBX system, in Dubai, for example? Here is some information on how it can help with everyday business operations.


  • Centralised internal and external communications
    A PBX system allows you to have an easily accessible communications system for contacting people outside your network, as well as within your network. It allows a number of users to have external telephone lines through a single platform, while enjoying access to local lines and free calls inside your network. It also helps your staff manage calls with the ability to switch and transfer calls within your internal network.
  • Flexible communication features
    PBX allows your staff to enjoy modern communication features, such as call transfers, voice mailing, call recording, interactive voice menus, and call queues. These features help facilitate a seamless communications system within your company. For example, your receptionist can easily take and filter calls, as well as transfer them to the concerned employee.
  • Calls monitoring and recording

A PBX system allows users to monitor and record details of calls. This will make it easier for you to track and assess calls made within and outside your network. This is especially helpful for customer service industries where the quality of calls is constantly evaluated.

  • Multiple connections
    If you have staff or offices spread across different locations, you can use a PBX system to establish a unified telephone network. Modern PBX systems are not restricted to internal LAN networks; they can also be connected to the Internet, giving your employees and offices access to your communications network wherever they may be. They can also use their smartphones or laptops to connect to your communications channel. This can help ensure business continuity and smooth day-to-day operations.

If you are interested in a PABX system, make sure to contact a trusted company or supplier. They will help you analyse the needs of your company, and recommend a solution that will work best for you, on a long-term basis. One good way to start is to go to the website of one of Dubai’s trusted communications and security solutions provider, AME Tech.