What happens when you don’t use deodorant?

Key Self-care Tips for the Stressed Out Office Worker

In the mad pace of today’s business world, it takes great effort to ignore all the negativity and just go on with life. In the office, you have to be mindful of your thoughts and actions because these can become either good or bad habits that you will carry home with you. If you’re too stressed out in the office lately, here are five self-care tips that can help you achieve a healthier state of mind.

Reward Yourself with Food Trips

There are just days when taking a simple dinner is not enough to satiate your stress-induced hunger. Instead of coming home to microwaved dinners in your empty home, why not treat yourself to a fancy dinner or go to decent restaurant with your colleagues? If you prefer to have an alone time, book a three-course meal in a reputable restaurant near your office and take the time to indulge yourself. Do this occasionally, though, as you can become dependent on food for temporary reward.

Find a Suitable Workout Scheme

Extensive medical studies worldwide has established that regular exercise have a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. If you’re not really into going to the gym, there are many other ways to break that stress sweat. You can learn how to swim, take martial arts classes, or even join jogging groups in your community. Biking, hiking on weekends, and even doing calisthenics at home can be helpful, too.

Touch and Hygiene

Apart from food and exercise, your body also needs touch and good hygiene. In terms of touch, your tired muscles can benefit from regular massages. Visits to a chiropractor can also fix your posture. Sitting in front of a computer the entire day can have its negative effects on your spine, after all. And if you don’t use a deodorant and you don’t smell so fresh in the office, you will have lower confidence and that’s just not good in a business setting.

Spend Time with Family

Socialization also lessens office stress. While it’s good to foster a professional relationship with colleagues, nothing beats the hugs, stories, and time shared with your family. Visit your elderly parents, talk with your sibling for just fifteen minutes, and maybe watch movies with them if that works for you.

Feed Your Spirit

The person you need to take care of the most is yourself. Feed your mind, spirit, and body. Read books, meditate, and if you’re religious or spiritual, pray. Save five minutes of quiet time in your private, safe place and think of all the things you’re thankful for and most of your work stress will dissipate.

Some people just need to remember that you work to live, not the other way around, and these self-care tips can help remind you of the important things in your life.