New Parent’s Guide on Teaching Their Babies to Walk

Teaching Their Babies to WalkSeeing your baby progressed is pure joy, especially when you see that he is trying to stand up and walk on his own. But he also needs some help from you so he can achieve this milestone.

If you see signs that your baby is ready his first step, here are some things that you can do to assist them:

  • Buy them the right footwear

The first thing that you need to do is equipped your baby with the right footwear to ease them into taking their first steps. Buying them the right baby shoes online in UAE can help them reach this milestones. When buying their walking shoes, be sure that it is comfortable enough for them to use. More importantly, it should be lightweight and flexible to support their feet movement.


In terms of the material, the best option is leather or mesh, since this material promotes air circulation. Shoes with rubber soles is also advisable since they promote traction to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces.


  • Let them practice

Seeing your baby fall while trying to stand up or walk can be frightening, especially with new parents. Although it can be maddening, you need to let them practice on their own so they learn on their own. Falling is part of the learning to walk process. There might be times that your baby will cry or wail from falling, but you need to get a hold of yourself and not to baby them. Instead, encourage them to walk after the fall. Soon enough, they will learn on their own.


  • Baby-proofed your home

Although falling is part of the process, you still need to protect your baby from a hard fall. You should ensure that your baby will be protected when he falls upon walking and standing up. Baby-proofed your residence. Put some corner and edge bumpers on sharp edges of tables and chairs. Also, do not forget to put covers on unused electrical outlets to prevent crawling babies from playing with them.


In terms of appliances, it is advisable to switch to cordless appliances to prevent your little ones from pulling them and getting hurt in the process.


  • Have fun while practicing

Some parents take practice to a new level, making it sound more serious and putting pressure to their kids. Make this phase fun and memorable. Each kid is an individual and they learn at their own pace, so do not compare your kid with others. Be patient and cheer them up on every milestone they are reaching.

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