Importance of Trademark Registration for Brands

Trademark registration affords many benefits, including the following.

  • It gives legal notice to possible infringers (typically through the use of the trademark symbol or other icons)
  • it allows public registration of names that have become internationally known
  • it provides for compulsory license agreements covering certain uses of trade names
  • it provides protection from competition by making certain types of service providers unreasonably difficult to compete with.
  • it may also provide protection from reciprocal lawsuits that could occur if another firm tries to register the same mark and uses it illegally.
  • it allows the registration of slogans or symbols that identify certain products or services.

Additional Advantages:

  • One of the advantages of a trademark registration in UAE is the creation of an exclusive right to the use of a mark. This exclusive right gives the registered owner a total control over the use of the mark including the use in advertising, promotion, sales and communication. This enables the owner to protect his brand name and its goodwill from imitation and from competition by other businesses. This also ensures that a business that uses another business’s mark will not have any advantage over the original business.
  • Another advantage of a trademark registration is the prevention of unfair competition from other businesses that may be interested in using the same mark. There are many different bodies that monitor the activities of businesses in the intellectual property field.
  • This protocol was created to ensure uniform protection of trademarks in Spain and the rest of Europe. This includes protection against geographical indications as well as names of businesses, services or geographical locations.

What is the Cost of Trademark Registration?

The cost of trademark registration for RAK offshore company varies greatly between different jurisdictions. This is usually governed by a number of factors such as the number of submissions that need to be made, the cost of each submission, the time taken to process and approve the application, and the number of competing interests that an individual has in the domain or name under consideration.

The cost of each service should be compared across different jurisdictions to ensure that services charged are reasonable and economically feasible for the registration entity. The same would go for the time period in which a domain name is available for trademark registration. If a shorter period is provided, more submissions can be made in less time, therefore increasing the cost-effectiveness.