Business premises rental basics

If you own a startup business, then choosing the right place to set it up matters a lot. Many factors are involved in this particular decision; it starts with finding a qualified real-estate broker to help with the location, and ends with getting a right lease agreement.


Presented here are a few basic pieces of advice that you should follow when looking for office space in Dubai for rent:

  1. Choose the right broker: To begin with, small business owners should find a broker who has experience and knowledge about relevant geography. You should also hold an interview session to gain confidence in his skills. You can quickly learn about their knowledge and experience in a small meeting.
  2. Determine the space required: Now, it is time to search the right office premises. Figure out the space you would require for all the operational activities of your business. Leasing more place then required might result in you paying extra amounts of money for useless area. As a startup business owner, you should be thrifty, and spend wisely. In his eyes, it is critical to not take on more than the required space.
  3. Renovations and landlord: Once you have figured out the area for your serviced office in Dubai, consider whether or not you need to make any alternations in the current design of the place. If some changes are required, you should avail what is called tenant improvement or TI. Inquire from the landlord, whether he would share the cost of the renovations with you. The landlord would be more than willing to share the cost, if your lease term is long. A lease of one or two years might result in you bearing the cost alone.
  4. Lease agreement: You should be well aware of the lease agreement, in and out. It is important that your agreement is in your favor. You can also hire a real-estate lawyer to evaluate it for you.
  5. Additional cost: You should be warned about any additional cost that you might have to bear, in addition to the rental price per square foot. This might include utility and common area maintenance (CAM) fees. This includes the entire maintenance cost of the building, including cleaning, removal of snow, and maintenance of the landscapes etc. If you are unsure about whether they are incorporated or not, you should just ask your landlord about it.
  6. Lease flexibility: Your lease terms should be flexible enough so that they do not restrict your growth. For example, you might find the need to expand your place in a year or two. So, your agreement should be for one year, with the option to extend it to three or five years.