Breast augmentation and related procedures

Breast augmentation21People appreciate beauty and cosmetic surgery is a field of beautification. Nature has created women with a very beautiful appearance. Female from any region and from any color has her own unique attraction in the eyes of men. Human is a unique kind by nature and attributes and females are beautiful combination of emotions, care, love and physic. Their attractiveness lies in their feminine looks and body therefore they always try to look more beautiful and attractive.

Breast augmentation or enlargement is a surgery in which the elasticity and firming of breast structure is improved. A breast surgeon in Dubai and other countries are certified cosmetic surgeons who explain their patients about all the procedure and its end results. When the bodies of females reach puberty, these start producing estrogen and progesterone hormones which create and craft their feminine looks and after a few months to a year when the production of hormones is regularized, their body shapes the natural look of an adult girl. But sometimes, the imbalanced hormonal production, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong sleeping posture, pregnancy, and lactation make the shape of breast very small, saggy, or downward sloping. Breast cancer like diseases and their treatment (chemo and radiation) or removal of breast tissues also create unwanted look of a female chest which is not physically or emotionally acceptable for any woman.

During breast enlargement process surgeon implants a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or salt water (saline) inside the breast where filling is required. Near from the armpit or areola, a fine cut is made to place that implant to give it a proper shape and position. After placement of the implant, the cut is cleanly stitched with dissolvable thread which is usually removed within the next seven to 10 days. During this procedure, breast lifting is also performed by removing excess skin from the bottom of breast to give it a stiff and firm look. To reduce the chances of contracture (hardening of tissues where implant is placed) surgeon places it inside the chest muscles.

Some swelling, burning, bruising, and soreness is expected after the surgery which is quite natural and is a healing process of the body. To minimize this problem, support bra and proper medication should be followed. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are not allowed until the recovery and approval by the surgeon. Surgical scares are faded after few months but they are in unseen areas so can easily be hid.

There are few risks associated with Breast lift and augmentation which are as follows.


  • It may take harder to detect breast cancer during mammography.
  • Sometimes capsular contracture in tissues is complained by patients which needs replacement of implant.
  • Numbness and no feeling of the presence of breast are very common and can last long or permanently.
  • Sometimes the surgery might get wrong by unnecessary size or shape and need readjustment surgery.
  • Infection, hematoma, and abnormal scarring are less common risks associated with this surgery.

Breast lift in Dubai is very common and as is less complicated, therefore females easily prepare their minds to get it performed in one of the highly-reliable medical facilities.