4 Things Expectant Mothers Learn in Hypnobirthing Classes

While hypnobirthing in Dubai is becoming ever more popular, a lot of women are still in doubt about the claims of a pain-free child birth procedure. If you are confused about the merits of Hypnobirthing classes, here’s an overview of a couple of things you will learn in the classes.

The ideal position for baby

If you want to go through an easier labor, your baby should be in the ideal position; facing forwards and head down, not using your front as a hammock of sorts and his back pressing against your back. To ensure that your baby achieves this perfect “anterior position”, Hypnobirthing classes involve regular yoga exercises, amongst other things, encouraging women not to become a couch potato and sit out their pregnancies. The classes promote walking regularly and sitting upright as frequently as you can in your day-today life.

Letting go of fears

To placate your nerves and become progressively more relaxed in the days leading up to your delivery, letting go of fears is indispensable. These classes encourage you to jot down any negative opinions you hear or any fears you harbor, and try to remember that they are only there in your mind. Let all scary thoughts float away from your head by tying them to a helium balloon in your imaginations and letting go of the strings. You can even physically write them down and flush down the paper to teach yourself that you have power over your body.

Prepare not to tear

Suffering a tear during childbirth and needing an episiotomy is common but what if you can avoid it altogether? Hypnobirthing classes make you practice regular perineal massage and pelvic floor exercises in preparation for the baby. When you are being asked to push harder by the doctor during the transition stage of labor, remember all that you learned during the classes and try to release and open your muscles while you are panting to prevent straining. All this should ensure that your skin stretches and not tears during labor.

Applying the Wave theory

Often during the initial stages of labor, women feel more comfortable in their homes rather than in a sterile hospital setting. You can ask your live out nanny in Dubai to help out with the kids when your labor pains begin. However, once the real contractions arrive, dive into it instead of fighting it. Contractions are more painful when your body is tensed, so try to relax your muscles and let your body free.