Smart Ideas to Enhance Creativity in the Workplace

abcStress can hinder work productivity and creativity. To resolve this, office interior design in Dubai advise creating a corporate space that also allows employees to relax and temporarily break free from their responsibilities. This method refreshes the physical and mental health of professionals, leading to a boost in energy and creativity. Now, the key here is to create a work environment that is conducive to creativity, collaboration, dedication, and focus. Here are some ideas that you can use to encourage your employees to be more innovative and productive:


  • Let them leave their mark

Give employees the permission to put personal stuff on their desks, such as photos of their family or pets. Let them personalize their workspaces and feel at home in their work environment. Experts say employees who feel more comfortable in the workplace have a tendency to be more daring and do something out-of-the-box. Letting people bring in their personal belongings also brightens up the office and gives it a unique character and vibe.

  • Go green
    Cultivating greenery in the workplace offers numerous benefits. For one, it helps increase the supply of oxygen and cut down carbon dioxide by as much as 50 percent. More importantly, it aids in reducing stress and anxiety among employees, while amplifying productivity and creativity. Studies show that people who primarily worked with computers experienced a 10 to 15 percent increase in productivity, made fewer mistakes, and completed tasks more quickly. In addition, experts advise that when the eyes are tired, looking at something green can rest the eyes. This is certainly a good thing for employees who spend around 8 hours facing their computers.
  • Exercise free will
    People have different working habits and techniques to get their motors running. Some prefer to be in a quiet place to be able to focus, while some thrive in the energy of the people around them. There are others who prefer to scribble their ideas on the whiteboard or paper, and some like to have open discussions with their teammates. Regardless of their distinct strategies, it is important to give your employees free reign on how they choose to be productive and creative. One way to do this is to have an office design that gives them both the space to collaborate with others, and concentrate on their own. Thinking pods, individual couches, workbenches, and compact meeting rooms are some office additions you should consider. Click here for more details on how you can create an employee-friendly work environment.

Play game master
Give them the time and tools to play. You can outfit your office with board games, ping pong table, foosball table, dart board, and more. This allows your employees to let off some steam, give their bodies a break from sitting down for hours, and reinvigorate their mental faculties. Participating in games together can also build rapport and stronger working relationships among colleagues.