Office Design Tricks That Would Encourage Your Staff To Work

Office improvements are not just about making the office space look good. More than the aesthetics, office space should be designed in a way that it motivates your employees to work hard and enthusiastically.

If you are looking forward to revamping your office space, a premier interior design company in UAE shared a list of design tricks that can help encourage your staff to fulfill their tasks:

  1. Break the monotony

Employees go to work for most days of the weeks. For almost five days, they go through the same door, sit on the same table and use the same computer. Over time, this setup can get a little routinary and boring. Break the routine by making your office space an ideal place to do work. You can start with breaking the design monotony in the space. Instead of using the same paint color in every room, try to vary the pantones. This would give employees something different to look at.

  1. Let the light in

Dark and ill-lighted office spaces are not fun spaces to work at. Apart from the fact that it is quite hard to work in such places; you will feel less enthusiastic and sleepier when working in an ill-lighting space. Be sure to replace broken bulbs and light office spaces that look dark and badly-lit. But you also need to take into account the aesthetics of the lighting fixtures. It should go well with the design of the space.

  1. Go for bold colors

Most office spaces are painted white or in lighter hues to make it look more uniformed with other rooms. But if you aim to inspire and motivate, going for other color palettes might be the ideal route. You might want to make your office space inspiring, why don’t you try going for bold hues. Vibrant colors can keep you alert and inspires creativity and innovation.

  1. Allow free movement

Most offices are made out of cubicles. Although this promotes privacy, it also hinders collaboration and teamwork. Modern office spaces today are designed to be more fluid and flexible. Employees are allowed to work in different parts of the office, as opposed to traditional ones that are constricted and confined. With open spaces, employees feel free to be innovative.

  1. Improve air quality

An office design is not just about the look of the space, but it should serve all the human senses. Improving the quality of air inside the space will make the employees feel light. Adding some scents from essential oils will make the space smells like clean and engaging.

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