Looking for Quality Furniture? Here Are 4 Materials to Choose From

It’s almost the Holidays and the New Year and many people are thinking of home renovations. There are old dressers that need to be replaced, creaking kitchen tables that need to be fixed, and bookshelves that need to be expanded. Whether you’re renovating your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or study area, you will need new furniture this coming 2017.

If you’re thinking of other furniture options and are still undecided on which type to buy, here are the four general furniture materials that you can choose from.


executive-office-chairsAsk your grandparents and they have probably kept an antique wooden drawer somewhere in their old house. Wood furniture pieces are classic and can stand the test of time, after all. Though prone to termites, wood lasts decades if treated with the right varnishes. Wood can be expensive especially with the current push for more environment-friendly industry practices, but you can still score a decent wooden bookshelf in different furniture shops in your city.

Plastic and Metal

While wooden furniture can be expensive, mixed plastic and metal furniture can be cheaper and still serve its purpose. If you want to renovate your home office, you can look for plastic and metal executive office chairs online and fit out companies in dubai or at stores nearby. These have most likely been engineered using the latest in furniture technology, ensuring sturdy support for your late nights of reading or watching a movie at home with your wife.


While not as popular as wood or plastic furniture, bamboo furniture has started to take off in places in the world where it’s available. With bamboo’s malleability, it can be designed by innovative, creative thinking furniture makers who are beyond the traditional four-legged chairs and tables. Though not as sturdy as wood, scientists and environment advocates now use advanced engineering techniques to ensure that bamboo furniture can last longer than it did in the past years.


Laminated furniture pieces are perhaps the cheapest yet most accessible type in most cities worldwide. There are laminated kitchen cupboards, drawers, and even countertops. Laminated furniture pieces are also common even in schools, where mass production is more important than quality. Since these are definitely easier to clean and maintain, more home owners are also choosing these over the more costly wood and plastic furniture. If you’re still renting your apartment, this can be the best option for you.

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