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These Five House Areas Need Renovation the Most

Staying in your own house can be rewarding and fun. You choose what to eat, where to sit, and when to sleep, and nobody else tells you what you should do. It’s called home, after all.

However, maintaining your own home can be a big challenge, too. House materials can decay over time, construction costs can be high, and you may not have the time or effort to fix that leak in the bedroom ceiling. Still, as the owner, it’s your responsibility to address issues head on. To help with keeping your house a comfortable and clean place to live in, here are five areas that you should give attention to at least once a year.

Living Room

If you watch television quite often, you may spend more time in your living room than in any other rooms except your bedroom. After a few years, the foam on your sofa will be flatter, and insects may start to live in its warm nooks and crannies. The thick layer of dust on your DVD player will need wiping. Those old magazines under the coffee table can be recycled and used as art materials. Take time to clean your living room because you spend time in it.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Cooking with a lot of spices and preparing various dishes every day for at least a year will take its toll on your kitchen appliances. Please clean that cooktop, wipe the grease inside your microwave oven, and replace those leaking pipes under the sink. Replace those substandard pots and pans with heavier, more valuable items and you’ll be healthier and happier with your food.


Hard water stains are common in bathrooms. Your shower head may now be grimy after a year of use. Throw away those empty bottles of shampoo that you have been putting off for months. Deeply clean the mirrors, tile grout, and replace those that are cracked or broken to prevent injury in you and your family. Perhaps you can also buy air sprays so your bathroom will smell better after each use.


Take the time to remove old clothes from your closet. You know that dress doesn’t fit anymore and that perfume is past its expiry date. Buy new bed sheets and pillow cases especially if you have a hard time falling asleep. That creaking bed frame should be replaced, too, particularly if they’ve been around longer than your teenage son.

Your Own Yard

Apart from your house interiors, perhaps you should also give time to renovate your exteriors. Replace the peeling paint with a new coat after five years, and you can see the big difference. If possible, plant some flowers around the house so the air will be fragrant around you.

These five house areas are the busiest, most used, and vulnerable to wear and tear. Consult your local construction professionals and see the better atmosphere in and out of your home.