How to Incorporate Branding In Your Office Interior Design

Branding plays a major role in a business. Your company branding sets you apart from your competition and helps your audience distinguish your business. Which it is important to incorporate to this in every way possible, including your office design.

The design of your office space is an extension of your branding, and it is a must that you are consistent in implementing it to your workspace. Experts in commercial interior design in Dubai provide a list of tips on how you can incorporate your brand into your office interiors:

  1. Signage and decal

One of the most obvious way to incorporate your brand in your workspace is to use your logo in your office signage. Your logo serves are your company’s ID and this should be the first thing that people and visitors would see once they set foot to your office space. Be sure to mount your logo signage in a corner that can be seen easily. Most offices install it by the door or in the reception area.

  1. Use of branding colors

Apart from your company logo, you can introduce your company’s branding by using your brand colors in the interior. But be sure not to overdo it. Try to squeeze in some neutral and nude colors to achieve a good balance. It would be best to consult with a commercial fit out company in Dubai to know how to can use your brand colors and pantone in your office space.

  1. Incorporate brand personality

Brand personality is different from brand colors. This is more about the attitude and character that your company that you want to project to the world. If you don’t know your brand personality, one way you can identify is to use words that you can associate with the brand if it is a person. Is your brand personality fun? Professional? It can be one word or a combination of several characters. Once you identify your brand personality, think about how you can make it into a visual theme.

  1. Use walls to tell your brand story

Although people can see your logos and brand colors, they know very little how your company came about. Take full advantage of your walls to tell your business and brand story. Use design accents like wall and glass decals to relay your brand message.

  1. Display your body of work

Your business place serves as your marketing space as well. Be sure to showcase your body of work for your visitors to see. Not only you are promoting what you can do, you are also promoting your brand.