How Shabby Chic Furniture Adds Character and Life to a Room

custom headboardsSince decades, the shabby chic, or what is also known as cottage décor, has particularly been famous amongst those with a romantic, creative or frugal mind set. The best part about this particular style is that it is extremely simple, which means that it has the potential to turn your house into a welcoming and relaxed area of utmost peace.


What you should know about shabby chic furniture

When it comes to a shabby chic setting, just about any type of furniture being used has the potential to work wonderfully, that too without having to depreciate from its original value. Shabby chic furniture basically plays a major part in enhancing the overall look and feel of the entire setting, particularly when it is coupled with custom headboards in the bedroom. The best means of going about setting up this particular bit of furniture is by adding afghans, quilts or pillows to contemporary furniture, the addition of table runners or lace doilies to any bit of heirloom furniture that you might have etc. If you have glass panes placed over cabinets, then you could attach small bits of fabric to them to give them a bit more romantic appeal. For lampshades, it is easily possible for you to simply drape a scarf over it. Not only is this going to diffuse the light, but would add a bit of color to the entire setting as well.


Shabby chic furniture oozes relaxation

There are countless decoration themes out there, but the thing with shabby chic, its furniture and accessories, is that all of these ooze utmost relaxation. If truth be told, the basic idea behind this particular setting is that of a merge amidst antique furniture, romantic themes and fashion statements that are literally long gone. The basic notion here is that the setting of your house needs to emit feelings of euphoria. For this reason, the furnishings are such that they bring that final element of life and personality to the room where they are placed, and to be honest, shabby chic furniture can go a long way in defining your overall personality and style.

The thing that you should know about shabby chic furniture is that it deems it necessary for you to be a tad bit on the formal end. You need to make sure that everything blends in perfectly, so it all comes down to being sure that nothing has even a hint of a ‘distressed’ look. On the whole, if you really are interested in adding a bit of life and personality to your place, then it is highly recommended for you to click here and try your hand at shabby chic furniture!