Month: April 2017

Information about translation equipment and services

Translation equipment is an extremely important gadget for events in which delegates from different parts of the world are expected to arrive. The reason is that they would all have language barriers and something or the other is necessary to help them communicate. Obviously, your guests expect to receive the best possible attention, so you […]

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What’s a PBX System and How Can It Help Your Business?

Private Branch Exchange is a private telecommunications network employed by companies and organisations for internal and external communications. Commonly abbreviated as PBX, the system is actually simple, though its name sounds complicated. It is a means of centralizing all the communication channels of a company – all telephones, fax machines, and computers are connected to […]

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Things You’ll Need as Your Company Expands

You started out as a small-medium-sized business in Dubai, catering only to select clientele. You considered yourself a niche company that not many people have heard of. Recently, however, you find that your hard work has been paying off. Business has been good and you’ve been getting more and more projects from bigger and bigger […]

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Advantages of a British Curriculum

A British Curriculum is a curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England (also referred to as the “UK Curriculum”). It is said that it is the primary reason why British education has achieved worldwide respect and recognition for its outstanding quality. Today, there is a growing number of Dubai British Curriculum schools. In this […]

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